Balance Bike or Pedals with Training Wheels

July 22, 2012 — Leave a comment

Previously, we’d tried the balance bike approach with Caleb to no real avail. You know, the bike with no pedals? The idea behind it is you just give the kid something to walk with, then they begin learning to pick up their feet as they go down hills to coast and learn to balance. We saw some awesome videos like this one and imagined our son ripping up the dirt trails with us recording the next viral kid video for YouTube. (OK, maybe that’s a little over-the-top. But we did think it was a pretty amazing idea.)

But the idea breaks down if your kid refuses to go down hills. Hm. ¬†Now we have a pedal bike and he’s the driveway champion. ¬†Strike one for daddy YouTube moments of glory.

Noel Coleman

Noel Coleman

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