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“I want to dance in Logi’s room!” (That’s Caleb’s pet name for his kid brother Logan.)

It’s T-minus 20 minutes and counting until bed time. With bellies full of Chic Fil A and more energy than can be spent in any day, mom was ready for some down time and the boys were ready to move to the beat. Next thing I know Kanye West is in the room and I’m dancing in rhythmic circles with my 3 year old to the sound of Love Lockdown. Boom boom BOOM boom. Boom boom BOOM boom. Boom boom BOOM boom. “I’m not lovin’ you. Way I wanted to. What I had to do. Had to run from you-u. I’m in love with you.”

Squatted down, hands smackin’ the horse as we jump forward in circles and laughing uproarously – it’s the toddler dance off. Showing off all the moves. From the horse rider to the swim to the 80’s hip hop retro moves we break it down for none to see. Logan, who’s been playing with train’s in the play room decides it’s time this thing got started for real. Toddling in, he tosses his best moves down like 4 aces in a backroom poker match. Jumping up and down and pumping the arms like he means it, now this party is moving.

I scoop both the boys up, one in each arm, and we’re jumping and dancing together to the magical sounds of Counting Crows singing the theme song from Shrek. They’re looking at each other and laugh/screaming. I’m pouring sweat and loving every second of it. The song ends and we’ve hit bedtime. Climbing into bed, I talk with each of them for a few minutes and treasure the moment.

This is every day life the way it was meant to be. Small memories that only take minutes to create but last a lifetime. Joy arising from simple opportunities taken to enjoy each other. Legacy built in my life and theirs. It’s moments like this that remind me that it isn’t just me building value into my boys but just how much value they add to my life. They help me remember that the “important” stuff I did at the office really doesn’t matter that much. They help me let go of all the good and the bad that fighting to make my mark in the world brings with it and just simply…love. By the time we’re done my joy is unshakable and I walk downstairs to hang with the woman of my dreams and write this post. Speaking of which, I’ve gotta go!

So I’ve been doing crossfit for a few months now and my performance is starting to really improve. But there is a major weakness in my process at this point – nutrition. The word diet is a four letter word after all. Who in their right mind decides that the best way to live life is without things like a Sunday morning donut run with the family? Or a couple of beers with a friend once in a while? And yes, if things are only occasional they may not be a big deal. But the problem is that there are a lot of things we only do occasionally and so it ends up being a constant flow of occasional habits.

So my wife and I have decided to set up an accountability to the Zone diet. Cherie was willing to do it when she saw Jennifer Aniston said it is what she does. (Hey, if you can look like her in your 40’s something is working.) I decided I wanted to try something because for weeks now I’ve felt like I needed either a giant cup of coffee or a long nap at about 2 PM every day. At 35 years old and being in relatively decent shape, that just ain’t right. Energy should be in more abundant supply at this point. So we’ve agreed and are working on getting our game plan together this week so we can start it up.

This brings us to the locker room. I’m standing there pouring sweat after a workout and my trainer (Ben Benson) comes in and we engage in what has become a pretty normal conversation for us.

Me: So my wife and I are starting a Zone diet accountability program this week.

Ben: That so?

Me: Yeah. And I’m going to start sharing my weekly eating log with you. I know I haven’t been doing this because frankly my nutrition has kinda sucked. But that’s going to change.

Ben: You get your eating right and I’ll bet your pull-ups will get better.

Me: Yeah…

Ben: Kind of hard doing pull-ups with what feels like a 50 lb. weight vest strapped to your chest…(as he leaves the room)

Me: (laughing to myself) Punk!

But that’s the kind of no-nonsense truth and motivation I love. And it’s all I’d expect from Ben. It’s just who he is and to be honest, I love it. Thanks, Ben.

Ben Benson

Previously, we’d tried the balance bike approach with Caleb to no real avail. You know, the bike with no pedals? The idea behind it is you just give the kid something to walk with, then they begin learning to pick up their feet as they go down hills to coast and learn to balance. We saw some awesome videos like this one and imagined our son ripping up the dirt trails with us recording the next viral kid video for YouTube. (OK, maybe that’s a little over-the-top. But we did think it was a pretty amazing idea.)

But the idea breaks down if your kid refuses to go down hills. Hm. ¬†Now we have a pedal bike and he’s the driveway champion. ¬†Strike one for daddy YouTube moments of glory.