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I’ve been toying around with Agile processes at my work and team.  There are a lot of aspects of agile that can help even sales teams run better.  I’d thought about how this could translate home, but until now haven’t done anything with that other than generally muse about it.

Bruce Feiler lays out a beginning for how I may begin trying to do this at home with my wife and kids.  I still think it requires a bit more fleshing out, but this is a great start.  I think the bottom line for me is that whether you’re leading at home or at work, you’ve got to diligently experiment in the pursuit of excellence.  Love principles, not processes and focus on results.  Check this video out.  I think you’ll find it enlightening.

Connecting with people requires spending time with them.  Given how busy our lives are, spending time has to be focused and intentional.  What routines have you built into your family and workplace that allow you to stay connected with the people you lead?

Noel Coleman

Daddy’s need to know allowing kids to sleep in your bed with you often has unintended consequences and will lead to problems later; similarly, being a good leader means maintaining the same philosophy with subordinates and colleagues in the workplace!

Wise comment from a client of mine when talking about this blog.