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July 22, 2012 — Leave a comment

So I’ve been doing crossfit for a few months now and my performance is starting to really improve. But there is a major weakness in my process at this point – nutrition. The word diet is a four letter word after all. Who in their right mind decides that the best way to live life is without things like a Sunday morning donut run with the family? Or a couple of beers with a friend once in a while? And yes, if things are only occasional they may not be a big deal. But the problem is that there are a lot of things we only do occasionally and so it ends up being a constant flow of occasional habits.

So my wife and I have decided to set up an accountability to the Zone diet. Cherie was willing to do it when she saw Jennifer Aniston said it is what she does. (Hey, if you can look like her in your 40’s something is working.) I decided I wanted to try something because for weeks now I’ve felt like I needed either a giant cup of coffee or a long nap at about 2 PM every day. At 35 years old and being in relatively decent shape, that just ain’t right. Energy should be in more abundant supply at this point. So we’ve agreed and are working on getting our game plan together this week so we can start it up.

This brings us to the locker room. I’m standing there pouring sweat after a workout and my trainer (Ben Benson) comes in and we engage in what has become a pretty normal conversation for us.

Me: So my wife and I are starting a Zone diet accountability program this week.

Ben: That so?

Me: Yeah. And I’m going to start sharing my weekly eating log with you. I know I haven’t been doing this because frankly my nutrition has kinda sucked. But that’s going to change.

Ben: You get your eating right and I’ll bet your pull-ups will get better.

Me: Yeah…

Ben: Kind of hard doing pull-ups with what feels like a 50 lb. weight vest strapped to your chest…(as he leaves the room)

Me: (laughing to myself) Punk!

But that’s the kind of no-nonsense truth and motivation I love. And it’s all I’d expect from Ben. It’s just who he is and to be honest, I love it. Thanks, Ben.

Ben Benson

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